Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I can't believe my little girl is graduated! I think she is feeling pretty good about the whole thing though. She has two jobs and is trying to take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way this summer. She is also trying to save a couple pennies for school and housing this fall. She really wants to move to campus. We think it will be good for her.

Zach and I just got back from an aaronic priesthood encampment the Stake put on. We had seven boys from our Ward that went and it was really great. The thing I really liked was how excited all the boys were about missions when we got home. It was fun to be with Zach.

Christian was ordained an elder last Sunday. It looks like he is always getting closer to that goal of his to fill a mission. He is saying that he would like to be out this fall. That will be great!

The summer seems to be flying by! I'm not getting everything done in the yard I want. I've got an appointment with an old landscaping friend to come over tonight to see if I can afford his help with a backhoe. I really want to get the grading work done so then I can make all my beds permanent.

As you can see, the iris were great this year! The peonies are finally starting to get some size to their blooms. And the day lilies are really spiking right now. The yard has been in continual bloom since the first daffy! It has been great. If it works out with my friend tonight, maybe we can start on our pond and stream! I can hardly wait.


Blogger Coach said...

So, what did your friends say? Is he affordable enough? I hope so!

We planted a bunch of iris bulbs last year from Walmart, but they didn't do too well. They came up but never bloomed. I wrote it off to having planted them too late in the year. This year I planted a whole new set after last year's didn't come up again at all (apparently not hardy enough for Iowa winters!) but only one of them bloomed. Sheesh!!!

The good news is that I planted a bunch of other plants this year that have been doing quite well and now that we've all been gone for a week they look really great. We've learned that the key to successful plant health is leaving on vacation and having our neighbor water the plants--she must have the magic touch!

It's fun to see how all the kids are being so successful. We're proud of you BreAnne! And keep up the goals, Zach, oh tall one.

Thanks for the new post. It was fun to find it today.

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